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How this scene should have happened. *fangirls screams heard from a distance* 

Inspired by this dumb thing I wrote.

I am sorry its late but this theme was so interesting 【DRAW USING YOUR NON DOMINANT HAND/FOOT】 .. my left hand has potential actually??!!

Rin and Haru in Australia.

Australian friends: “Rin, who’s the guy next to you?”

Rin: "My boyfriend."

*fangirls screaming in the distance* 

Free! Eternal Summer Episode 12 - Rin and Haru in the plane.

Flight Attendant: “Do you speak English?”

Haru: ” I speak only Free.”

This has been in mind for awhile, what if Naru from Barakamon was a boy.. So i drew it!! ( *`ω´)


Quick hair animation I did. Practicing.

She is a galaxy solider (might color it).


Hinata goofing around in his senpai’s graduation. Cuz goodbyes are supposed to be memorable and fun!!

Done for twitter #hq_69min last theme [Graduation] ;-;//


Hello new followers!!!

Thank you for following my art blog, the surge of numbers really made me happyy //hugs you all! \^^\
I hope to produce better art in the future for you all to enjoy!

+don’t be shy to say hi! :))

Back to drawing baby hiccup and toothless sketches, this time with his little made armour+helmet design and stick for a sword! Requested by these lovely ppl <3 Enjoy! Part 01 sketches click here and to view a little animation I did click here.