Top is my drawing and bottom is the snapshot for reference of her avatar.

Forgot I had to do an artTrade with my line play art buddy, StarCandyz, drew her character quickly cuz im baka

Hope she likes it!

Kageyama leaning in for the kiss! I wont tell you the song I was hearing while working on this //v\

Hey taffy! Can you please draw kakashi with and without the mask? ((just thinking about makES ME OHGOD PLS SENPAI))

Here you go hehe (gomen it took so long <3) [Link].

Thank you Aldnoah Zero episode 7, now I can’t stop thinking of Slaine secretly as bat boy.

I’m awfully hungry,you know?  O

I’m awfully hungry,you know? O

I’m awfully hungry,you know? O

Top one is my repaint. Bottom one is the original.

I love this frame so much, had to do a repaint of this scene. Kaneki Ken in Episode 8.

Ollo, just asking did you teach yourself to draw? What kind of reference you use when you practice? The motivation to draw? When you draw is it spontaneous or did you plan it first? I hope you don't mind me asking (´;ω;`)


For the most part of my life yes, then I went to art college where I learnt more hehe.

I usually make my own reference, if I want a specific pose I will record myself doing that pose. Other then that I look at many animation and photos of other people.

My motivation to draw is music and while watching animated movies and series.

Most of the time its spontaneous but when I am serious about what to draw, I plan it first.

Hope my answers make sense xD

Sorry for the late reply, I just moved in back to my house and took me time to settle in.