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I want a perm so I can cut bright coloured papers into flowers and stick them into my hair

After traveling to Japan, my sleep pattern is ruined… but hey! my bed hairs are pretty cool.

Yesteday watched Gundamn: G no Reconguista on MBS on my small Japan tv, really loving the character design! 

Beruri is such a cutie, must protect at all costs! (love his outfits!)

Sorry for the lack of updates recently, moved and started my new life in Kyoto, Japan. (I will be back on now).

So this happened to me… only manga makes it worth to go out still

Can’t wait for Psycho Pass 2 !( 10.10.2014 )

Hair animations.

Akane / Kogami 


Another Hair animation. I hope we get to see Kogami in PSYCHO PASS 2. (hehe ofcourse we are *eye twitch*)

Airing on 10.10.2014.

Akane’s Hair Animation / Duo 


Bless (feat. Arnór Dan) by Kanno Youko.


Akane Tsunemori just looks really badass in Psycho Pass 2 airing on 10.10.2014 . *my body is not ready*

Kogami’s Hair Animation / Duo 


Fell in love with Korra’s new short hair, so I did this quick hair animation.

I can’t wait for the 3rd of October!!


[Pokemon] theme for tg_69min.

Ninetails was always my fav pokemon for many reasons, one of them is that its so fluffy like kaneki.